Finance update

At the moment each month I fall short of paying my bills, which I’m going to try and rectify by cancelling some of our non essential bills and services and unfortunately our charity donations.

As well as trying to be more frugal with my income so I can pay down debts, I’m clearing out my home to try and earn a little extra.

Today I spent most of the days sorting through the junk room. Which as I mentioned in an earlier post is my ‘outbox’ of stuff I no longer need.

I arranged to send a box of books to music magpie for £20.85 and I’ve been listing on eBay for hours. I’m at 35 items so far, going to try and hit 100 today (since that’s my daily selling limit) and I’ll see how much that gets me when the listings end next Monday.

If I can be disciplined and send all money earned towards debts that will get them paid off so much quicker.

Total earned today – £20.85

Week 2 – spending round up

Monday 8th January – £24.01

Worked from home today. Dropped Tabi at nursery after an awful nights sleep the. Popped down to my Nana’s to give her a shower. Finished work at 4pm and then went to Aldi as we’d run out of nappies.

Did a light weekly shop. Will still need bread and milk later in the week but have enough for now. (£24.01)

Then I picked up Tabi from nursery, came home and actually made my packed lunch to take to work tomorrow. I’m so bad for bothering to do this which is crazy because it would give me more control over my two main goals this year (more money, less flab). Hoping I can keep it up this year.

Tuesday 9th January – £2.19

Remembered to take my lunch to work 👍🏻

Bought a coffee because it took me 1hr 12 minutes to drive 20 miles (£2.19)

Left work at 4, popped into my dads for a loaf tin then collected Tabi at 5pm

Hector and I had frozen pizza after she was in bed. All the food was in the house so nothing to spend.

Wednesday 10th January – £40.67 I don’t work Wednesdays or Thursdays so was on Tabi duty today. Went to soft play with a friend (£3.50) and I paid for the coffees (£6.60).

Took overdue library books back and paid the fine (£1.50) then went to Tesco to buy milk, bread and eggs, somehow wound up spending £15.07.

Ate lunch at home. Baked banana bread in the afternoon.

I had a cello lesson in the evening (£14) and had to admit I haven’t even touched the cello in 3 weeks! Whoops

Thursday 11th January – £16.50 Intended to have a day at home but trekked to ikea in the afternoon to get curtain hooks for the curtains I bought last year. Wound up buying a few other little bits too of course (£16.50) £7 of that was on soft toy fruit & veg for Tabi’s kitchen, £6 was planned (curtain hooks and 2 flour dusters) the unplanned spending was on a bag of cinnamon rolls (£1.50) and £2 on a small succulent to plant in a mug I got for Christmas.

My husband bought the hotdogs on the way out 🙂

Friday 12th January – £13.48 I forgot to bring my lunch so bought coffee and a croissant for breakfast (£3.31), then lunch in the canteen (£4.40)

Picked up pizza on the way home (£5.77)

Saturday 13th January – £3.80 Got my nails done this morning, didn’t cost me anything as my nail person is my sister and she still owed me 2 manicures because I paid for a vet bill for her rats in November! Did have to pay £3.80 for parking though.

Took Tabi to her swimming class (booked in advance as a block) then home for lunch.

Sunday 14th January – £0 Absolutely nothing spent! Fitted some shelves, touched up the paint in one of the bedrooms.. then my dad came and took me out for dinner.

Total spent this week £100.65

OOTD – 13

Spoiler alert: I’m not wearing jeans today!

Crappy lighting so all the detail is missing, it’s a black ribbed roll neck, washed black denim dungaree dress and black tights.

Roll neck is Size 18 from new look (but quite short in the body, can’t wear it in its own), dress is an 18 from ASOS curve

The dress doesn’t sit quite right, dungarees aren’t exactly boob friendly 🤷🏻‍♀️

OOTD -12

Usual outfit, grey jumper, dark skinnies.

But then, I tried a Thing.

I held my top in on one side so it was tighter, to see if it looked better fitted instead of oversized

I don’t know if that’s any better tbh!

OOTD – 10

Took this late after my cello lesson and the t Shirt was stretched out from being worn all day 🤦🏻‍♀️

Jeans – next, size 18 t shirt – H&M size L

See, I look bad here. Unkempt would be a polite way of putting it, and yet I’m going outside like this?

I think I have the backwards version of body dysmorphia. Instead of seeing fat when I’m slim, I still think I’m the size I was pre baby and then I see pictures and it’s always cringe worthy.

OOTD – 9

Quick post as I’m utterly manic today!

Basically this is my standard ‘crap I have to go into the office today and really cba’ uniform

Cardi – H&M Size L, jeans – next size 16, t shirt – new look Size 18